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The bank needed to quickly transform from traditional to digital space.

Financial services for small business entities


Warsaw, Poland

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Business Analyst, Project Manager

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Due to Covid-19 Idea Bank needed to accelerate digital transformation. The bank needed to quickly transform from traditional to digital space. Idea Bank had several internet and mobile banking initiatives in the project pipeline. The current IT has hands full of work and we had an urgent need to extend our IT team with an external company. Another, challanges were, that the bank did not know, for how long we need new consultant and create new open positions. Additionally, the management did not allow to hire new staff during a difficult time of pandemic.


The Idea Bank started working with New Digital Street. Idea Bank did not have to create new positions, NDS delivered experienced consultants in the field of Business Analysis and Project Management. The consultants have started working within one month and had vast banking experience and understood how organizations like Idea Bank work. The Idea Bank could easily scale resources.


The bank has accelerated with new mobile and internet projects and met expectations of management to not hire new staff.

About client

Idea Bank focuses on financial services for small business entities – micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. He also offers services to individual clients. In addition to financial products, the bank also offers additional services, such as consultancy on financing activities, accounting services and methods of investing capital. Idea Bank has 0,5 million clients in Poland and hires 1,6k employees.

The deciding factors for selecting NDS were costs level, professional staff, and fast recruitment. We were creating the PSD2 compliant product so the consultants had to have a professional banking knowledge.

Grzegorz Pędzisz
Grzegorz Pędzisz



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