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As an international company, our client values high project standards and constantly looking to improve them. For this reason, he was keen to find a specialist who could prove himself on a wide range of projects requiring a customized approach, standardizing the infrastructure, and increasing the quality of new and existing projects.


Our DevOps specialist joined various projects at our client, where he participated in a wide variety of projects:

  • DevOps Engineer became a member of the Shared Infrastructure Team, where he was responsible for standardizing the infrastructure deployed by other teams in their projects. This type of operating model helps standardize operations in large organizations. 
  • Optimization and structure of the ongoing project by The DevOps Engineer, in collaboration with the team. Scope contained created IaC (Infrastructure as Code) for the client’s environment in terms of terraforming modules and implementing new AWS services requested by team.
  • Implementation and data migration, using AWS services and prepared docker images for this task. The Python code enabled data migration under strict, time-limited conditions.B


  • Thanks to the activities of the Shared Infrastructure team, the infrastructure is continually being streamlined and standardized to make it compatible and the project standards consistent. 
  • The creation of IaC has made it possible to stabilize and secure the entire environment, which will be recoverable in the event of a critical situation.
  • The migration has successfully passed all tests and the entire production infrastructure meets technical and operational requirements.

About client

PGS Software – a software company with over 20 years of experience in the development of new technologies. Since 2021 is a part od Xebia Group.


We have successfully designed and implemented solutions for our clients. We are driven by attention to quality and flexibility in understanding customer needs. So, explore the use cases of our partnerships with clients around the world.

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