Flexible cooperation & project time acceleration

Save time by 5 months Accelerated project by 20% Reducec budget by 25%

Dubai, UAE

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Extended team

Mobile Developers


Team Extension / Team augmentation

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Banking, Fintech



Over time, ZAND decided to expand IT department, but faced several challenges:

1. Lack of developers with banking experience
2. The cost and time of recruitment of the new team members
3. Slower time-to-market
4. Flexibility – increasing and decreasing IT resources.


Our client decided to expand their team and find a company that can offer them consultants with banking experience who, in addition to technical skills, will have fluent communication in English and will quickly integrate with the team. 

For this purpose, they contacted us. Our recruitment team, after doing research, completed such resources and relevant experience in banking, fintech, and e-commerce.


Our IT consultants joined the client’s team and helped to save time and cost on the effective recruitment of urgent resources. The cooperation has accelerated a backlog and sped up time to market. 

Depending on the stage of the project we increase and decrease the number of team members, which gives us flexibility and better budget management.

About client

ZAND is the Dubai based, first digital only independent bank to launch both retail and corporate services. As the first fully independent digital bank in the country, with a full UAE banking licence, ZAND will provide innovative, effective financial solutions that help simplify businesses and lives, addressing the needs of both retail and corporate customers.


We have successfully designed and implemented solutions for our clients. We are driven by attention to quality and flexibility in understanding customer needs. So, explore the use cases of our partnerships with clients around the world.

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