Infrastructure as Code 

Infrastructure as Code

What is Infrastructure as Code? To start with, let’s look at some definitions.  Infrastructure as Code (also known as IaC) is a software engineering approach that allows the automation and management of IT infrastructure through code and not manual processes such as physical hardware configuration. It consists of writing code that defines the infrastructure (servers, […]

3 steps to deal with technical debt

Technical debt, if not managed correctly, maybe cause a proper headache for the whole organization. Let’s check how to deal with it so that when it occurs, it is properly taken care of. What is technical debt and why does it happen? Technical debt is a term that describes a situation when software developers decide […]

Open banking – how does it work?

Talking about financial services without mentioning open banking is becoming increasingly difficult. What is it, how does it change the industry and what can it do for you? Let’s find out.  What is open banking? Open banking emerged as a response to the growing need to make access to financial services more accessible and wider. […]

E-commerce: technology as a competitive factor

Do you consider technology a factor that can give your e-commerce business a true competitive advantage? Here is why you should.  The rapidly expanding world of e-commerce In 2020 the world of e-commerce accelerated in an unprecedented way. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting global lockdown made customers immediately turn to online shops and vendors. […]

How to build a marketplace in Magento and get succeed?

The marketplace is an e-commerce platform offering goods from multiple retailers. It provides a central place to connect different offers. Magento is one of the most popular platforms for creating online shops, although it is not the first choice for a marketplace. Why, then, are we talking about them together? Because it turns out that […]

Ways DevOps can help deal with your tech debt

Tech debt is a problem shared by many organizations. Thankfully, there are some effective ways of dealing with it. One of them is by involving your DevOps team – let’s find out how to do it.  Tech debt – a short definition Before we look at how DevOps can help you deal with your tech […]

What is application observability? 

What is application observability?

In the world of complex and dynamic systems’ architectures, understating the exact reasons for any malfunctions immediately is crucially important. This is what application observability is all about. What is application observability? Observability is a measure of how well the internal states of a system can be inferred from knowledge of its external outputs (as […]

ChatGPT – what is it all about?

Have you seen the headlines saying that AI is going to replace humans? Well, ChatGPT is yet another example of how easy and difficult at the same time it is going to be.  What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT was started in November 2022 and within just five days of its launch, it attracted more than one […]

What makes developers appreciate working for an outsourcing company?

More and more often software developers decide to work for software development outsourcers rather than being employed full-time in a traditional way. Why are they better off that way? Let’s find out! The rise of software development companies Software development companies have been on the rise for some time. In 2021 the global software development […]

Technical debt – all you need to know

Technical debt – all you need to know

The world keeps accelerating, which translates into quicker business decisions and processes. And although speed is understandable and often necessary, it may result in technical debt. Here are some details.   What is technical debt? In software development, the term technical debt (also known as tech debt or code debt) is used to describe the cost […]