Open banking – how does it work?

Talking about financial services without mentioning open banking is becoming increasingly difficult. What is it, how does it change the industry and what can it do for you? Let’s find out.  What is open banking? Open banking emerged as a response to the growing need to make access to financial services more accessible and wider. […]

Discover the Fintech World

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, fintech entered an entirely new phase of development – it ceased being an option (or even, as perceived by some, a disruption) and became a must-have for users and the banking and finance industry. Here is why. The recent shift to the online world, greatly accelerated by the COVID-19 […]

Web 3.0

We use internet on daily basis. Today, with so many of us working and studying from home, we take advantage of it more than ever. But we rarely think about how it changes. This is why we decided to prepare a short intro to Web 3.0 – something you might have heart about but may not know what exactly hides behind the term.

TOP 10 startups in the UK to follow in 2022

The UK is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to launching your business. The reasons? A very strong history of entrepreneurship and a great deal of available funding. This is why every year more and more exciting startups are being born there.

TOP 10 startups in the UK to follow in 2021

In the search of the most exciting British ventures to follow in 2021 we prepared a list of 10 startups we believe are worth looking at. Do read on to learn what they did to be so successful!

Journey into the Saudi FinTech & Blockchain ecosystem with global thought leader Taha Sajid

Created amidst the 2008’s crisis, Blockchain was designed to be an antidote to the traditional financial system’s shortcomings. Decentralized and independent of governments, it gained global prominence as a borderless, fair payment method. Now that our economy is on its knees, it is Blockchain’s chance to prove if it is truly the technology of the future. Paweł Sobotkowski – FinTech & Financial Services Consultant interviewed Taha Sajid, Chief Blockchain Consultant with Limar Global and Technical Director in Huawei, to learn more about Blockchain’s potential future and the FinTech ecosystem in Saudi Arabia, where he is based.