What is application observability? 

What is application observability?

In the world of complex and dynamic systems’ architectures, understating the exact reasons for any malfunctions immediately is crucially important. This is what application observability is all about. What is application observability? Observability is a measure of how well the internal states of a system can be inferred from knowledge of its external outputs (as […]

What makes developers appreciate working for an outsourcing company?

More and more often software developers decide to work for software development outsourcers rather than being employed full-time in a traditional way. Why are they better off that way? Let’s find out! The rise of software development companies Software development companies have been on the rise for some time. In 2021 the global software development […]

Technical debt – all you need to know

Technical debt – all you need to know

The world keeps accelerating, which translates into quicker business decisions and processes. And although speed is understandable and often necessary, it may result in technical debt. Here are some details.   What is technical debt? In software development, the term technical debt (also known as tech debt or code debt) is used to describe the cost […]

Blockchain: everything you want to know but are ashamed to ask

Blockchain as an innovative technology that lies at the very heart of cryptocurrencies revolutionized many different worlds: the one of finance, the one of fintech, and the one of technology in general. Its history, although short, is full of interesting facts and some mysteries. What is blockchain? If you look it up on Investopedia, you […]

DevOps – a short guide

In 2020 the global DevOps market size reached USD 4,311.95 million. According to research by Global Market Insights, by 2026 it is estimated to reach USD 12,215.54 million, at a CAGR of 18.95%. The numbers are huge, so today we look at DevOps in more detail – do read on to find out what you […]

SCRUM in software development projects

Scrum is one of the tools almost everyone’s heart about. What is it exactly, how does it work
and why you will love it – read our text to find answers to all those questions (and much