Five frequent mistakes in creation IT teams

Building a team is an essential part of long-term projects. It’s impossible to commission every task to a group of freelancers that only do a small part and don’t feel any responsibility of the whole project. You need few people which can communicate, check and continuously create added value. What traps can mess up all your efforts at team creation?

Too much focus on team building as an act.

Building new IT team is very resource demanding task. There is always a shortage of competent programmers, designers and back end specialists. There is minimal chance to find enough people who just seek a new job or try to convert from freelance to stable job.

The only one answer to this problem is treating team creation as a process, a cotinus development. That put you as a manager in a position of mentor that support professional and behavioral improvement of team members.

That means you must give work and tasks to every man you find by now. You can’t just wait for a full team gathering. Give them opportunity to develop before start of project to fully kick in in moment of start.

Also consider that people have families, loans, and a bill to pay. They can’t wait for you to get your dreamed team in complete and can get other job prepositions that will suit their needs.

Creating team with great skill but lack of cooperation.

If you prioritize professional skills, also can be a great mistake. You should focus on finding crew who like work together. Sometimes the best way will to find a key person to project and ask that person with whom he/she wants to work. If have most of the members, try to ask them about their work habits to find which team members are most compatible and let them work together.

If you feel that some member of the team cannot merge with others, ask yourself who ask them to work together. It’s your responsibility, and you can’t just say that people who won’t fit to other must change. It’s your fault, you choose them and you must fix this.

Too much responsibility for key workers.

When the project starts, it’s crucial to give a suitable task to every worker. It’s obvious to add most experienced men to most sensitive task. It can lure as to a situation that few most skilled seniors are not only do important errands but also managing juniors.

Consider that not every specialist has also potential as a manager or leader. That means you also need people that work is focused on smoothing teamwork, communication with client and other soft skill task.

Also, lack of fair distribution of competence will create a very weak spot, when that key person leave project. To avoid this ask the team to manage their tasks with a list that everybody can appoint two things that’s feel specialists and arbitrary manage the only task that left.

That means you have to assign work in a manner that you can replace everyone. If you are a reliable manager, assign things so they can replace even you in emergency or other circumstances like promotion.

Development from outside.

You are part of the team. Any improvement or change should be accepted or at least tolerate by whole group. From the beginning you have to inform team what kind of performance you expect, and what will be the way to achieve that performance. And if any circumstances are changing, put up any changes in team policy.

Also, you must prepare work target that is simple, realistic and time limited. If worker inform you about concerns, listen and reshape target to team capabilities or find which part of team has free resources to back up endangered part of project. Do this not to make thongs as fast as possible but to manage workload to be on stimulating but not exhausting.

Creation of a team to solve one problem.

Sometimes you are in need to crack one obstacle. To do this fast and efficient creation of a new team seems to be a good way, but what after? Creation to specialized teams that can do a very limited kind of labor will cause many delays and communications problems. In many events is better to create an all-round team that can do many various errands.

How to evade most of the mistakes?

Team as a living entity has a life cycle. From start it rise and develop than in its peek work with full creative potential and with closing of project it going to decline. To sustain workflow, you need to assign a new task to team or gradually change team members from creator to people who will just maintain existing product. Liten and be sure they understood you. In teamwork, good communication can be more valuable than skills, because you can fix everything you just need to know what is to fix.

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