Introduction to Magento Software

Are you planning to launch your own eCommerce site and are looking for a platform that would allow you to build one? Or maybe you already are a successful business owner but need to find a better option for your online shop? In this article we are looking at Magento – one of the most popular eCommerce solutions. Read on if you want to learn why it is used by so many companies around the world.

What is Magento?

To start with, let’s look in more detail on what Magento is. Magento is one of the most popular open-source platforms for eCommerce, used by thousands of businesses around the world, including Nike, Coca Cola, Nestle Nespresso and Helly Hansen. Currently, Magento is used by over 250 000 active sites which is about 12% of all eCommerce sites globally. This makes Magento the second largest eCommerce website in the world (WooCommerce being the first one), and the largest one if we don’t count solutions that are completely free.

The platform was launched in 2008 by Roy Rubin – a student who wanted to make some extra money. Since then, it belonged to many different entities: initially it was privately owned, later it was acquired by eBay, after a few years it passed to a private equity fund, and today it is owned by Adobe.

Together with Magento, Adobe created Adobe Commerce Cloud – a platform which can be used by B2B and B2C customers. It is a great place for many business owners as it allows them to deal with all aspects of their online shops: from working with photos, taking care of marketing activities to getting detailed analysis of their sites’ performance.

Why is Magento so popular?

Magento is used by huge companies, but it is also a great solution for smaller businesses. Let’s investigate why it is so popular!

The reasons companies all over the world use Magento:

☞ It is simple to use and flexible

Magento offers great flexibility and is simple to use. Business owners can easily make changes to the design and functions of their eCommerce sites built using Magento, adjusting them to the specific needs of their business. The technology used by Magento is extremely popular as it gives you the absolute control of all functionalities of your site. You can easily add and manage your categories, products etc., and you don’t need any coding skills to do so.

☞ It offers customization

No matter what kind of design or functions you want to have in your online store, Magento will surely have an option that will allow you to have them, meaning your shop will be completely different from another shop built using the same platform. Also, if you own several eCommerce sites, with Magento you can manage all of them from the same place.

☞ It offers a high level of security

In today’s world, cybersecurity matters a lot. And Magento recognizes that, giving business owners a great level of security – when you use Magento, no one will have access to your data and content, and you can rest reassured your website will not disappear.

☞ It allows for scalability

Businesses tend to grow, and many eCommerce sites are being born as small enterprises and quickly become big and international. Magento allows businesses to grow organically and is perfect no matter the initial size of your business.

☞ It offers great extensions

Because Magento is so popular, there are thousands of people who work with it on daily basis, creating extensions, themes and new functionalities that may fit your business. What’s more, those extensions can be added at any point, meaning that even if your business is small at the moment and you don’t see the necessity of using some features, at some point you may decide you want to do it, and Magento will allow you to do it hassle free.

☞ It gathers a great community of users

Being one of the most popular eCommerce solutions in the world, Magento gathers a huge community of users, called by Magento an Army of Innovators, who share their knowledge about the program, talk about best practices and give tips to other users on how to use it to its best potential.

☞ It is SEO-friendly

Magento gives its users many options to work on their SEO (or search engine optimization), meaning their websites can be easily found by Google. The SEO-friendly features include URL structure and meta tags.

☞ It gives you the support when you need it

Support may not be the strongest point of many programs, but with Magento this is not the case. The platform offers great support for its users, and it is constantly developed to become better. No wonder its position on the market is getting stronger every year.

☞ It offers easy integration options

If you want to integrate your online shop with eBay or PayPal, Magento allows you to do that in no time.

☞ It is understandable by designers all over the world

When you decide to use one of the most popular platforms in the world, you will never have issues with finding a team of specialists who can build your shop using it. When you choose Magento, you will always find great companies that can help you construct your own shop, no matter where you are.

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