What makes developers appreciate working for an outsourcing company?

More and more often software developers decide to work for software development outsourcers rather than being employed full-time in a traditional way. Why are they better off that way? Let’s find out!

The rise of software development companies

Software development companies have been on the rise for some time. In 2021 the global software development market was valued at $429.59 billion (in the EU it was €255 billion); between 2022 and 2030 it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.7%. In the UK only, 31% of clients plan to outsource more than they used to. 

The result of such a trend is clear: software development companies will grow and will need more talented and experienced people to do the job. Software developers are well aware of this fact and decide to work for outsources rather than to be employed full-time in a traditional way. 

Benefits of working for software development outsourcers

The job market is changing dynamically and so do trends in employment. Some time ago having a full-time job was a huge advantage and everybody was up for it; today people increasingly note the benefits of working as freelancers, with all the freedom and flexibility it brings. 

Some of the most tangible benefits of working as a freelancer for a reputable software development company include:

  • Access to various projects as a part of one job

When working for software developers, you gain the possibility of working on diverse projects delivered by one, consistent brand. This means always new challenges and possibilities to grow while staying within one organization.

  • Availability of new projects

As a part of a large software development company, you have great access to new projects, so you don’t have to lose your time looking for new jobs on your own. What’s more, the organization you work with will make sure the jobs you are getting are tailored to your skills, experience, and ambitions.

  • Flexibility of employment

Working for a software development company as a freelancer means you have great flexibility in how, where, and when you work. You decide on your working hours and on how many projects you can take on. 

  • Endless options for growth and personal development

As a collaborator of a large software development organization with a stable client base, you have constant access to new projects. Some of them may be very different from what you have done in the past, allowing you to get additional experience, learn new skills and make your CV even more attractive.

  • No boredom

The constant flow of new projects and new clients means freelancers rarely get bored and they become more creative than their colleagues who work more traditionally. 

  • Get more high-profile clients

A reputable software development company attracts high-profile clients who have high expectations and better options for launching interesting projects. This means you can quickly become a part of something really big and important.

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