Healthcare & LS

Deliver tech innovation in digital healthcare projects

Technology and expertise to enhance scientific capabilities

Digitise research
Streamline manufacturing
Reach out to patients

Take advantage of technology

Use the most innovative solutions to your advantage

Ensure data security

Regularly update your security systems and implement new solutions

Realise the market’s potential

Remain competitive in this ever-changing world

Maintain a balance between patient expectations, market potential, and privacy requirements

Services overview

Gain higher competitive advantage — innovation helps solve specific problems and gives a chance to stand out among brands.

Data analysis as a foundation

Perform big data analysis for healthcare product quality improvement and cost reduction.

Blockchain in Digital Healthcare

Efficiently manage clinical research, ensure traceability in logistics, and automate processes and transactions.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Use advanced algorithms to analyze data, track assets, and develop IoMT ecosystems.

Machine learning for your processes

Control quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing, conduct predictive analysis in patient care.

Efficient apps and systems

Develop apps and systems that support you at every stage and help you stay in touch with your users.

Personalised treatment methods

Develop personalised solutions to offer the highest standard in the future.

Make new technologies a part of your HLS business strategy

Our team will help you agilely increase the efficiency of your processes and operations, maximizing your business goals.

Regulatory experience

We know the regulations that leverage technology while staying compliant.

Full tech-stack

We have full-stack specialists, so your technology is our speciality.

One man, one project

Uninterrupted team dedication to maximize the quality of delivery, and resource availability.

Long-term partnerships

We acquire the necessary business know-how to leverage our technical acumen.

Smooth knowledge transfer

Our specialists have extensive experience in the financial industry and fintech regulation. 

Extensive security procedures

Team competencies in security for software risk management.




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Michał Stawski

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