Top reasons to consider IT Outsourcing in Poland

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The top reasons to consider IT Outsourcing in Poland

Developing technology projects with developers from around the world is a common practice. However, you are facing the question – which country to choose? One of the most appreciated sources of talent for worldwide businesses is Poland. The ICT sector in Poland is noticed and appreciated by the world’s biggest rankings and investors. Find out why Polish developers are the ones who can take your project to the next level.

The combination of a growing IT market, a high level of technical expertise, and cost-effective solutions have made Poland an increasingly popular destination for international investment. According to a ranking of direct investments prepared by fDi Markets, Poland was ranked 8th in the world and 4th in the region of European emerging economies. 

According to the data, Poland is also the world’s third preferred location for foreign investors. Visa, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Intel are just a few of the many huge investments by technology giants in Poland. The size of these investments indicates not only the supply capacity of the Polish technology sector but also develops the experience and skills of Polish developers. Which can also benefit your project.

Polish IT market

The “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2023” report says about the level and potential of the Polish IT sector. Among the 50 fastest-growing companies in Central and Eastern Europe, 18 are from Poland. As the authors of the report point out – this is a historic result. 

Technology is combined with entrepreneurship in Poland. According to the Bakerfilly report, in Poland, there are less than 36.8 thousand entities specializing in various types of IT services (that’s 2.7% of all companies that are not sole proprietorships). As many as 3% of all those working in Poland, or about 493 thousand people, are related to the technology industry.

Data from the Central Statistical Office shows that the IT sector was responsible for generating 8% of GDP in 2023.

Why is it worth Outsource IT in Poland?

Poland has not become a popular IT Outsourcing destination without a reason. There are many real reasons behind it, which bring tangible benefits.

High level of technical expertise

Polish developers are some of the best specialists in the world. And we have proof of that! 

  • Poland ranks 3rd in the HackerRank global ranking – sharing the podium with China and Russia.
  • In the same ranking, Poland also ranks 3rd in terms of the most resilient group of developers in the world. Our people are eager to take on challenges and don’t give up easily!
  • Poland also ranks first in the global National Cyber Security Index.
  • Poland ranks 4th in the global Top Coder ranking
  • The top-rated skill areas with the highest average scores of Polish developers are Java, Python, Ruby, Algorithms, Tutorials, and Shell.
  • Poland’s IT Ecosystem ranks third in Eastern Europe according to Source Seek’s “Global Software Marketplace Insights: Eastern Europe” report.

We could say a lot more, but the numbers speak for themselves – so let’s move on!

Specialist availability

The high level of skills offered by Polish IT specialists is not all, as you may be wondering if you can find the right number of people to join your team. We can reassure you, there should be no problem with that either! 

According to Infoshare, there are about 1 million professional software developers in Central and Eastern Europe. Nearly a quarter of them are in Poland, which gives you a base of 254,000 people!

Source: Infoshare

High level of ICT education 

Naturally, a big role in preparing IT professionals is played by education, which in Poland is not only widely available (more than 400 universities) but also at a high level! As many as 9 of Poland’s universities are listed in the QS World University Rankings®.

Polish science universities place a strong emphasis on a high level of math and science competence, so that its graduates not only have high technological competence but also problem-solving attitudes is their ace up their sleeve!

According to the Central Statistical Office in Poland, 15,000 newly educated specialists trained in new technologies, programming, and wide-ranging Computer Science enter the job market every year.

 In comparison, the United States graduates about 65,000 each year, a country with a population almost nine times the size of Poland’s.

Language accessibility

The appeal of Polish software developers does not end there! Another advantage is their language availability. In Poland, learning a foreign language is part of the curriculum, with most students learning English from elementary school through college. Moreover, even to get an exam to finish secondary education you have to pass a language test.

We have proof of that, too! The English Proficiency Index ranked Poland 13th in the world (out of 113 countries) in terms of English language skills. How does this compare to the countries with which Poland shares the Hacker Rank podium – China and Russia? We present below.

Cost of Outsourcing

One of the main advantages of outsourcing to Poland is the competitive labor costs compared to other countries. According to EY, the average salary level of a Polish programmer is about PLN 19 thousand (annually about USD 50 thousand / EUR 48 thousand). From our experience, we know that this amount is contingent on experience and competence, but it will be a certain starting point for you.

Work culture

Polish software developers place importance on building a solid project foundation. The “Do it right” approach makes refactoring code or taking care of technology debt issues not foreign to them.

In addition, according to Sourceseek’s analysis of work attitude factors, Poland enjoys the highest degree of familiarity and proximity to Western Europe and a deep cultural connection with the U.S. 

Political stability and geographic location

Poland’s political stability and strategic geographic location make it an ideal choice for IT outsourcing. The country’s location and time zone are compatible with most European countries, facilitating seamless team communication and collaboration. Poland is a member of the European Union and NATO, which not only ensures security but also increases opportunities for cooperation with other member states.

How to Start Outsourcing Polish IT Developers?

We have prepared for you a short list of practical tips to help you prepare for cooperation with a Polish outsourcing company.  

  1. Choose the right partner

As you already know, there are many software development companies in the Polish market. Surely you are wondering how to choose the best IT Outsourcing partner. Be guided by its specialization, availability, or experience in projects in your industry or region. 

  1. Prepare the right brief

Regardless of whether you will be looking for new members of your team in Poland, prepare as detailed and relevant guidelines as possible for who you are looking for. This will help you streamline the entire recruitment process.

  1. Choose the right form of cooperation

Depending on the needs of your project and the stage of development of your company, different forms of cooperation with an external partner may be most beneficial to you. You have the options of outsourcing, RPO, or perhaps just permanent recruitment – the choice is yours. Remember that these are tools that can enrich your recruitment strategy.

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