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Our strengths

Comprehensive IT expert database

1000+ best specialists in full tech-stack

Your tech stack on demand

Technologies don’t limit us – tell us whom you are looking for.

The latest industry knowledge

Technology is our passion, so we keep an eye on the newest insights in Fintech, E-commerce, and Edtech.

Cooperated with startups, SMEs, and corporations

We have experience cooperating with startups, SMEs and corporations

Quick team kick-off (within a month)

We guarantee to set up your team within a month

Fluent English-speaking consultant team

All consultants speak English fluently

International projects on a daily basis

Our consultants work with international clients on a daily basis


We can work with you in a comfortable time zone

We know a way to improve productivity, lower costs, and make your IT operations run smoothly.

The benefits of outsourcing software development

The decision to outsource is not an easy one. Especially when talking about offshore outsourcing. That’s why we’ve prepared this handy summary of the ways hiring external providers can benefit your application development and positively influence overall business operations.

On-demand Expertise

Knowledge is power. Outsourcing software development gives you the unique advantage of having access to whatever software-related skills you need.

Budget Optimization

Outsourcing contracts have a positive impact on the capex/opex ratio. Cut costs without compromising software quality.

Time Management

Hiring software developers takes ages. Outsource, and you’ll have a proven team working on your project in weeks.

Easy Scaling

Software development is a complex process that requires different skills at different stages. With IT outsourcing services, you can easily scale the team to match your current business needs.

Is IT outsourcing for me?

IT outsourcing is a perfect solution for most companies that need to deal with software code. At New Digital Street, we tailor our services to best serve our customers’ needs. Your tech stack is our tech stack – that’s our motto. Below we summarized the most common types of outsourcing solutions.

I have an idea for a software product, but I don’t know how to start

I have an idea and a plan. I don’t have a team.

I have a plan and a team, but we are under a bit of a pressure

I have a top-secret government-founded venture

What does the IT outsourcing process look like?


Tell us how you need

Please send us required tech-stack, description of the project, team size and English skills required.


CV review

We send you only the best fitting candidates for you review.


Tech talk and English review

You have an opportunity to double-check technical and commuincation skills.


Contract with employee

Congratulations! Let’s sign contract and our employees join your team.


Onboarding on client side

Remember to prepare an onboarding to make the most of our candidate’s competences.

Why work with us?

Versatile Experience

  • Collaborated with many companies across diffrent countries and industries
  • Experienced working with public sector organizations, startups, and corporations


  • EU and Nato memeber-based company
  • We share western culture, timezone, legal (tax) system, and approach to data protection

Developers with International Experience

  • All of our engineers are fluent in English.
  • Many years of experience working in an international environment

People First Approach

  • Put great effort into sharing knowledge
  • Making sure they feel happy and appreciated

One Consultant – One Project

  • Our engineers only work for one client at a time.
  • This means companies can be sure they have the engineer’s total dedication.

Our experts

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