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Types of mobile apps

There are three basic types of mobile applications. No matter if you need a banking, e-commerce, or any other kind of app, the experienced development company can recommend the solution best suited to your needs and budget. Every mobile application development process should start with this step.

Android and iOS apps development

A native app seamlessly integrates with hardware thanks to the appropriate tech stack – Swift or Objective-C for iOS; Java and Kotlin for Android.

Cross-platform mobile apps development

Cross-platform applications for mobile devices share the same code for iOS and Android. The usual tech stack for cross-platform apps includes: React Native, Kotlin, Flutter, and Xamarin.

Progressive Web Applications

PWAs are the best way for those who want to take advantage of mobile opportunities but are not ready to create an app yet. PWAs are usually built with Javascript and its frameworks like AngularJS, VueJS, ReactJS, and NextJS, to name a few.

Is mobile app development for me?

How to get from the app idea to having an app in Google Play Store and Apple App Store? What type of mobile app should I choose for my business? Do I need to make an app at all? Mobile apps are a great way to connect with the audience of your business on your own terms. However, with many options to choose from, deciding on the right technology for your needs might be challenging. As an app development company, we are happy to advise on how to make an app that’s perfect for your business.

I need an app that’s secure and integrates seamlessly with the mobile device. I want it to make use of the system’s built-in features.

I want to put my mobile app in app stores, but I don’t have time and budget to prepare two separate applications for different mobile platforms.

I already have a website, but I believe having a mobile application would be good for my business.

I need help keeping track of my websites. Processes in my company could be more organized.

What does the mobile app development process look like?

The software development process follows a similar pattern regardless of the specific technology, development platforms, and chosen programming languages. Below we summarized those steps for you.


Requirements analysis

This is when the clients ask: “How much does it cost?;  and “How long does it take?”. And mobile app development companies try to understand the client’s needs, problems, and limitations. This phase ends with an agreement and a plan.



At this step, mobile app developers create the best app to suit the requirements gathered during the previous phase. They work with the quality assurance team to ensure the best performance.



Now it’s time to put an app in the app stores or upload it to the server for people to use in case of the mobile web application and test the app design with real users.



The maintenance phase is crucial for every app developer. It gives them insights into how real users interact with the mobile app and reveals the room for improvement.



After the development phase is ready, we offer our support. Our clients can choose a suitable SLA: 24/7, 8/5, or ASAP bug fixing.

Why work with us?

Versatile Experience

  • Collaborated with many companies across diffrent countries and industries
  • Experienced working with public sector organizations, startups, and corporations


  • EU and Nato memeber-based company
  • We share western culture, timezone, legal (tax) system, and approach to data protection

Developers with International Experience

  • All of our engineers are fluent in English.
  • Many years of experience working in an international environment

People First Approach

  • Put great effort into sharing knowledge
  • Making sure they feel happy and appreciated

One Man – One Project

  • Our engineers only work for one client at a time.
  • This means companies can be sure they have the engineer’s total dedication.

Our experts

Bartłomiej Lewandowski

Managing Partner

Bartek has been closely involved in the IT industry for over 20 years. Mobile technologies are the special part of his interest. He is involved in the Mobile Trends Awards and is a member of the competition chapter.





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