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Magento Developers, Java Developers, DevOps Expert


DevOps and Java micro-services for books and media products e-commerce


Empik a few years ago started intensive preparations for the Multichannel strategy. He built a 100-person team, which includes UX, Developers, or Test. Empik raised the best people on the market with experience in building digital products from the e-commerce area. Construction of a completely new development environment and backend architecture paid and in 2019 Empik won 2 prizes in the prestigious Mobile Trends Awards competition. High dynamics of application downloads are the results that have proven that Empik will affect a good direction. At the beginning of 2020, Empik began to struggle with a few problems:

  • harder access to highly qualified specialists that can support Empik in the Development area.
  • no possibility of rapid scaling of the team in the event of increased demand for the development and UX work
  • reducing flexibility in the design and manufacturing process


Empik reached out to New Digital Street with a question of highly qualified developers to participate in the further intensive development of e-commerce digital products. NDS in only 5 days presented EMPIK of the relevant, selected candidates for the project. After a remote technical interview, verification of English language skills, and a personality test, people could join the EMPIK project and the customer could plan faster development of their products in response to customer and investor requests.


We confirmed that using NDS services was a good decision. With a slight increase in the team, we significantly shortened the development time. We set for long-term cooperation that gives us the most benefits. Thanks to NDS services, we can quickly respond to changes in the e-commerce market and to the growing needs of customers. The budget has become fully managed and predictable.

At PGS Software (Xebia now) we are looking for IT partners with certain skills. Our requirements are tailored candidates to the tech stack, engagement, and number of CVs for each position, and smooth communication. We speak with NDS in the same language.

We have picked New Digital Street because of our huge experience in the finance sector. They quickly set up a team of 15 engineers for our new fintech client from Saudi Arabia. The end client achieved quick scaling possibilities and could move on with the project.

We were looking for a solution that adjusts the product offer for a specific customer based on purchasing intentions, and NDS provided us with a team of engineers who built such a mechanism.