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Building e-commerce for the largest clothing company present in 16 markets in Europe


The project to build and implement a marketplace by one of the biggest international e-commerce required the implementation of customized solutions. Our client’s environment was based on Magento, which, despite its strong capabilities, needed the functionality needed for this application. However, the client was keen to work on this tech stack for compatibility reasons.

In addition, the marketplace was only to be implemented in one market, which was an additional challenging task in an international e-commerce business operating in multiple markets. 

In addition, there was a growing demand for Magento developers across the market, so increasing the competencies in the team became difficult.



Developers from the New Digital Street team joined the project, increasing the pool of expertise at the client. 

The lack of suitable functionality in Magento was resolved by creating bespoke solutions such as support for external shops, handling of sub-baskets, downloading external delivery and payment methods, and configuring them to automatically send orders to other services

In addition, thanks to a compatible working environment, the marketplace has been implemented in the Polish market without causing any disruption or disruption to shops in other markets.



As a result, the marketplace is stable e-commerce, aligned with the company’s tech stack. At the same time, it makes it possible to efficiently provide shoppers with access to an even broader product base from multiple suppliers. 

This solution is flexible, as it enables the marketplace to be implemented sequentially, in individual markets, depending on business plans.

At PGS Software (Xebia now) we are looking for IT partners with certain skills. Our requirements are tailored candidates to the tech stack, engagement, and number of CVs for each position, and smooth communication. We speak with NDS in the same language.

We have picked New Digital Street because of our huge experience in the finance sector. They quickly set up a team of 15 engineers for our new fintech client from Saudi Arabia. The end client achieved quick scaling possibilities and could move on with the project.

We were looking for a solution that adjusts the product offer for a specific customer based on purchasing intentions, and NDS provided us with a team of engineers who built such a mechanism.