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UX / UI designers, Java Backend Developers, Frontend Developers


Quick conversion of an offline store into an online store


In the very beginning, only sold its products in its physical store based in Warsaw. When the Covid-19 pandemic came around, it struggled to sell offline. So the CEO decided to quickly move to an online business model. They sort of had an online shop, but they decided to put more money into marketing, online sales, and all the technology would require. We reached out to New Digital Street for an e-commerce solution.


After choosing New Digital Street’s proposal, they began with a workshop that lasted 2 days. During this phase, they met with NDS’s UI/UX design experts and business and technical analysts. They wrote down all the specifications that they needed because at that point, Little Room wasn’t exactly sure of what they should have. NDS helped Little Room with their expectations and divided the work into phases, starting with an MVP.

Little Room with NDS assistance chose the features they wanted to include and the development started. Little Room had constant contact with New Digital Street’s representatives and held demos of the product which allowed them to see all the advances that were being made. Three months later they had MVP ready for testing.

Little Room and New Digital Street were fine-tuning the solution the whole time. In the end, they run some tests internally and with a selected few customers which took about two weeks. We did the last few tweaks that resulted from the testing and put the website on the market. The website has had no issues as of today and we continue to collaborate with New Digital Street monthly to change and adding new features.


Before this project, our simple e-commerce solution was generating about 7% of our sales. After implementing what New Digital Street worked on, our e-commerce platform has become our main source of revenue. About 50% of our sales come from our website, 28% from Amazon, and the rest from our physical store. Our Amazon page is also growing quite rapidly but we mainly sell through our e-commerce page. The trends are completely different from what they were at the beginning.

What our partners says

We have picked New Digital Street because of our huge experience in the finance sector. They quickly set up a team of 15 engineers for our new fintech client from Saudi Arabia. The end client achieved quick scaling possibilities and could move on with the project.

We are expanding quickly on 16 markets in Europe and we are shifting from plug-and-play solutions to custom ones. We needed to extend the e-commerce development department. New Digital Street helped us to scale up our Magento team by 30%. Thanks to that we launched our Marketplace.

We were looking for a solution that adjusts the product offer for a specific customer based on purchasing intentions, and NDS provided us with a team of engineers who built such a mechanism.