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We know a way to improve productivity, lower costs, and make your IT operations run smoothly.

Any project that explores new technologies is only as strong as the team that creates it. Therefore, from our perspective, finding the right people is crucial to the success of the project. What is your perspective? Tell us about it at Tech Show Frankfurt.

What IT candidates expect

We talk to more than a few candidates every day – we listen to their expectations and know what they are looking for.


Participants in the markets revolution

We cooperated in many markets, so we experienced the changes that are taking place in them. We know how to help your team adapt to them.

A new look at new technologies

Being part of the IT industry is no accident – our work is our passion. We enjoy talking to other industry practitioners and sharing our experiences.

The latest industry knowledge

Our team consists of experts developing technologies based on Big Data, AI and Cloud Technologies.

DevOps implementation & development

We work with our clients’ DevOps teams, including in the implementation of specializations like DevSecOps, DataOps and FinOps.

Quick team kick-off (within a month)

We guarantee to set up your team within a month since Tech Show Frankfurt

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Bartłomiej Lewandowski

Managing Partner

Michał Stawski

Managing Partner

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Team building Trends & Technology


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