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Types of web development

Web development is no HTML and CSS code only. Web technologies go far beyond static websites. Robust e-commerce solutions, intuitive content management systems, not to mention state-of-the-art progressive web apps – are all written by web developers.


A website is a must-have for every business in the modern world. Our web developers know how to boost your marketing with a custom page that will appeal to every client.

E-commerce solutions

Be accessible to your clients anytime and anywhere. E-commerce web software lets customers enjoy your products and services via the browser on mobile and desktop devices.

Web apps

A web application is an alternative to a mobile app. PWAs provide a native app-like user experience. They are responsive, work offline, and look good on all devices.

Content management systems

Content management system is critical in streamlining business processes. Keeping your web page fresh. Automating the sales funnel. Focus on the content, not technicalities.

Is web development for me?

How is web development different from software development? Should I be interested in web applications? Will my business benefit from advanced web services? Or should I just create a website? All of the above are valid questions. To answer them, we prepared a short guide below.

I need people to be able to find information about me and my services online. I don’t offer digital services.

I need to scale up my e-commerce business.

I have a lot of users, tons of engagement, and interactions.

I need help keeping track of my websites. Processes in my company could be more organized.

What does the web development process look like?

No matter if you need a simple website, an impressive progressive web app, or a comprehensive web application with tons of features written in Javascript, the development process will follow a particular pattern. Below you will find the information on what to expect during the software development process.


Requirements analysis

Before writing any code, our team must thoroughly understand the problems they will solve. The more we know about your challenges, the better solutions we can suggest.



At this point, our engineers do their magic. They write beautiful and appealing front end and the back end with amazing performance.



Once the project is deployed, it’s available online. It doesn’t mean that the back end web development or front end development is over. Website or app development is a process.



In the maintenance step, we gather information from real users and adjust the software accordingly.



After the development phase is ready, we offer our support. Our clients can choose a suitable SLA: 24/7, 8/5, or ASAP bug fixing.

Why work with us?

Versatile Experience

  • Collaborated with many companies across diffrent countries and industries
  • Experienced working with public sector organizations, startups, and corporations


  • EU and Nato memeber-based company
  • We share western culture, timezone, legal (tax) system, and approach to data protection

Developers with International Experience

  • All of our engineers are fluent in English.
  • Many years of experience working in an international environment

People First Approach

  • Put great effort into sharing knowledge
  • Making sure they feel happy and appreciated

One Consultant – One Project

  • Our engineers only work for one client at a time.
  • This means companies can be sure they have the engineer’s total dedication.





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