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We regularly attend industry events across the Europe, especially in Germany and the UK. Reach out to us – we’d love to catch up with you and talk about the opportunities for unlocking innovations in your project through our specialised technology teams.

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Fintech Business Breakfast in Zurich

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Bartłomiej Lewandowski

Managing Partner

  • Mobile app
  • Fintech
  • ICT Polish Sector
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Michał Stawski

Managing Partner

  • Software Development
  • ICT Polish Sector
  • Team Building
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Seamless Middle East 2024

14.05.2024 – 16.05.2024



Tech Show Frankfurt

22.05.2024 – 23.05.2024



How we can help

IT Outsourcing

Smooth operations through team building

Web Development

Make your customers’ web experience have the wow factor

Mobile Development

Make your business mobile visible

Product Design / UX / UI

Improve the User Experience of your potential customers

Cloud technologies

Achieve goals without compromising business needs


Speeding up the development processes

What our partners say

We have picked New Digital Street because of our huge experience in the finance sector. They quickly set up a team of 15 engineers for our new fintech client from Saudi Arabia. The end client achieved quick scaling possibilities and could move on with the project.

We are expanding quickly on 16 markets in Europe and we are shifting from plug-and-play solutions to custom ones. We needed to extend the e-commerce development department. New Digital Street helped us to scale up our Magento team by 30%. Thanks to that we launched our Marketplace.

I faced the challenge of dynamically scaling my teams because backlogs on our projects were unpredictable.
New Digital Street was flexible to my needs, and as a result, I was able to smoothly partner with experienced professionals who supported 3 of my projects, helping to increase their outputs and success

Describe your needs in simple terms, our team will contact you for a quote. We can also conduct a workshop to get you closer to the end result.

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