Mobile Trends Awards 2023 – conclusions and perspectives

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Mobile Trends Awards - summary and perspectives

The Mobile Trends Awards 2023 ceremony is behind us. This year’s edition was full of projects that proved that the mobile industry boldly draws on the latest technologies and solutions whose usefulness goes beyond smartphone screens. We talk to Robert Rachwal, Founder & Executive Director of, about what made the Mobile Trends Awards stand out this year.

What stood out about this year’s Mobile Trends Awards?

As far as the conference is concerned, you could notice a few changes during this edition. First of all, the lectures were held in 4 rooms simultaneously and dealt with different issues. We had for 2 days as many as 7 thematic tracks ranging from commerce, and UX, to marketing or management. This also forced us to change the venue. Fortunately, the attendees received the conducted novelties positively.

16 categories, 75 nominees, and even more applications. Did you notice any trend in the submissions?

The projects submitted to the Mobile Trends Awards are at a higher and higher level every year. This year, the jury was able to analyze the applications even more thoroughly, thanks to the division of the acceptance of submissions into two stages. In the second stage, we expected much more data from the applications, which we specified. This allowed us to select the best projects. 

As in previous years, the commerce industry is growing very rapidly. Banks are also rallying strongly among themselves. As many as 8 nominated banks show how high the level of mobile applications we have in Poland in this sector is.

Despite the high level of all nominated projects, the best had to win. What guided the chapter when making its decision?

The jury of the Mobile Trends Awards is its very strong point, as it consists of experts and people experienced in the development of mobile products. Evaluating mobile applications can be compared to evaluating movies. Everyone will pay attention to something different – some will pay attention to the music, others to the set design, and someone else will appreciate the artistry of the acting. When evaluating applications, we have to take into account many factors and criteria – UX, design, functionality, or the essence of the problem the application solves. 

Often it is during the discussion of the competition chapter that we see new strengths of the application. If the majority of almost 20 chapter members cast a vote for the winner it means that it is a really good app, not once there are situations where the chapter decides unanimously. This proves that these best applications are really at the highest level.

We hear about more and more new solutions, in mobile products, and also in the winning projects. And, about using known technologies, but in new or improved ways. What do you think about this?

Fortunately, we have returned from the long and crazy journey that was the pandemic and adapting the application to the resulting situation. This journey, however, has resulted in many changes, if only in the way and planning of the app’s development. It can be seen that the new functionalities are well thought out and tailored to users’ needs. Technologies such as voice search and artificial intelligence will be increasingly used. This is an integral part of the evolution of mobile solutions.

This was also evident in the topics discussed during the conference. There was a lot of talk about the use and possibilities of AI. It is also not without reason that companies such as Escola, which is the organizer of the Mobile Trends Conference & Awards, are thinking more and more boldly about AI solutions. Recently, Prof. Aleksandra Przegalinska, a researcher in the development of new technologies, especially artificial intelligence, joined Escola’s supervisory board. I think that the next editions of the Mobile Trends Awards will show that these latest technologies, which are often feared, can be successfully used in the mobile industry.

What are the prospects for the Mobile Trends Conference and Mobile Trends Awards? 

We will certainly meet in the fall at the next edition of the MTC conference. We will reveal the date in the days to come, but I can already say that continuing the tradition, the conference will be held in Warsaw. We are planning some novelties, such as a dedicated artificial intelligence track or a track entirely in English.

As for the Mobile Trends Awards, we have to go with the flow – we want to invite more people who are experts in the industry and in the technologies that, as we said earlier, are increasingly appearing in mobile solutions to the competition’s chapter. We will soon reveal the first names. 

Łukasz Kuc, Director of the Digital Channels Office of PKO Bank Polski during the last MTA gala, receiving the statuette, said “It’s addictive, that’s why you want to come back here. It gives great motivation for us to do a good job.” I think that’s a perfect summary of how important the Mobile Trends Awards are in the industry, and we’ll try to keep it that way.

What can attendees expect at the upcoming editions?

Of course, excellent knowledge and substantive lectures on the latest trends. Great networking. The best projects and mobile applications in Poland. This will certainly not be missing at the next editions of the Mobile Trends Conference & Awards.

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