Boost your recruitment process

Boost your recruitment process

Mailing course with the most common mistakes in the technology recruitment & how to avoid them

6 weeks
6 messages
6 common mistakes
6 case studies
16 practical tips

Join our course and learn from others’ mistakes!

We have collected for you the most common mistakes made during the technology recruitment processes. But if that wasn’t enough – for each of them we give a short tip on how to avoid them! The mistakes we have listed can complicate and prolong the recruitment process, taking much more time and consuming more resources: yours, the project, and the company.

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What are the benefits for you?

HR Departments

  • improve the management of the recruitment process
  • learn how to get the most out of an interview with a candidate
  • avoid lengthy recruitment processes
  • improve communication with candidates
  • improve your work at every stage of the process

Management & project teams

  • avoid project delays
  • improve your project recruitment planning
  • learn how to accurately define your requirements
  • find out how to prepare for a technical interview
  • avoid unsuccessful recruitments

How does our course works?

We prepared for you a 6-week malling course. Once a week, you get a message from us in which we will tell you about one of the most common mistakes in the recruitment process.
But there’s more!


You will learn the practical consequences of this error from one anonymized case study.


You’ll get some practical advice on how to avoid this mistake and, if you’ve already made it, how to fix it!


If you would like to consult your individual case – you can schedule a free consultation with us!

Why can we talk about technology recruitment?

Our team consists of specialists who have been part of the IT sector for nearly 20 years. Our diverse experience allows us to perfectly identify the needs of our business partners while facilitating the localization of the best competencies in the market.

We recruited
in +10 markets

+30 completed projects

+1000 recruitment interviews