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The benefits of DevOps practices

In traditional software development practices, development and operations teams work in isolation. DevOps methodologies aim at breaking those siloes by promoting improved collaboration. DevOps workflows are not only about configuration management, infrastructure automation, and CI/CD. They focus on the entire software development lifecycle to improve software quality.

Process Automation

DevOps culture lets you automate manual tasks. Save hundreds of billable hours by letting the DevOps write algorithms handle repeatable labor.

Infrastructure as code

Handing infrastructure management processes to the DevOps team makes it far less prone to errors. Configuration files created with IaC make it easier to edit and distribute configurations eliminating manual processes.

CI/CD (Continuous integration/continuous delivery)

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (or continuous deployment) are good practices connected with the software delivery process. CI/CD allows for automated testing and deployment, thus letting development teams work faster.

Are DevOps services for me?

Although including DevOps in the software development process has many undeniable advantages, it may seem like a huge change. Is my organization ready to resign from traditional release practices and adopt a new DevOps model? Below we summarized a few use cases when DevOps practices could present their full potential.

I don’t have DevOps in my company. Should I look for one?

Only a part of my product uses DevOps Services.

I already have DevOps in my organization. I want to hire more, but I can’t find the perfect candidate.

I need to be absolutely sure my product has no security issues or backdoors.

What does the DevOps implementation process in looks like?



An audit is a necessary step before suggesting any changes. DevOps have to gain a thorough understanding of the development cycle and production environments to suggest appropriate solutions.


Infrastructure standardization

The knowledge about the infrastructure should not be scattered among different places and people. Standardization is key for efficiency. This is especially crucial in cloud environments.



The choice of tools depends on the needs identified during an audit. Is there a need to implement CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Travis, GitLab CI, or GitHub Actions? Configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef, or Puppet? Or maybe there is a lacking of minitoring that can be addressed with Datadog or AWS Cloudwatch? The DevOps toolchain contains plenty of tools.


Process Automation

Automated processes eliminate human errors. Organizations cannot depend solely on people. One person taking a vacation cannot paralyze the work of the department.



Companies operating with the DevOps model deploy software updates far more frequently. Smaller updates make bugs easier to spot and fix, giving the development team a sense of achievement.

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Versatile Experience

  • Collaborated with many companies across diffrent countries and industries
  • Experienced working with public sector organizations, startups, and corporations


  • EU and Nato memeber-based company
  • We share western culture, timezone, legal (tax) system, and approach to data protection

Developers with International Experience

  • All of our engineers are fluent in English.
  • Many years of experience working in an international environment

People First Approach

  • Put great effort into sharing knowledge
  • Making sure they feel happy and appreciated

One Consultant – One Project

  • Our engineers only work for one client at a time.
  • This means companies can be sure they have the engineer’s total dedication.

Our experts

Michał Stawski

Managing Partner

Michal’s passion is to implement technological solutions that streamline companies and help them achieve success. That is why he has been developing his knowledge of DevOps for years. He supports our clients in the expansion of DevOps teams, helps to identify the right competencies, and oversees the research of the best candidates.




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