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Building digital bank from scratch for Saudi Arabian investment bank


We entered the project at an early stage, in the onboarding phase of a banking application for Incat’s client Bank D360 of Saudi Arabia. The project team faced many challenges. One of them was to adapt the help module to the national regulations of The Saudi Central Bank. In Saudi Arabia, a bank user must be able to open contact with the company. 

Mobile chat, the fastest possible way to contact the bank’s staff, was available to users, but needed improvement and modification from internal processes. It did not have many operational capabilities: no reporting of chat sessions, each chat opened a new dispute, and no possibility to close a chat session.


Our developers became part of the help desk, dealing with the functionalities of contacting through the mobile app: chat, sending a message, requesting a bank representative, sending feedback to the bank, and evaluating the contact. They created solutions that do not overload the mobile app while being stable and reusable. 

The metadata of the team’s work allowed the developers and the Product Owner to fully collaborate: jointly discussing solutions that would achieve business goals while keeping technology priorities in mind. 

Our developers also support the resolution of current issues in the application related to integrations or the adaptation of functionality to the requirements of external providers, e.g. the required ability to block Apple Pay payments.


As a result, the client’s main business objectives were met: adapting the application to Saudi Arabia’s national regulations, while optimizing processes and improving the user contact module. 

At the same time, it is possible to detect errors early, report corrections, and make changes. This ensures that the whole process takes place at an earlier stage, so it is also cheaper, and the banking app itself is free of technological debt.

We were looking for a long-term IT partner that can extend the core team of our new digital bank. Our decision factors were: quick delivery time, experience, flexibility, and communication skills. We see a real value in our cooperation

At PGS Software (Xebia now) we are looking for IT partners with certain skills. Our requirements are tailored candidates to the tech stack, engagement, and number of CVs for each position, and smooth communication. We speak with NDS in the same language.

I faced the challenge of dynamically scaling my teams because backlogs on our projects were unpredictable.
New Digital Street was flexible to my needs, and as a result, I was able to smoothly partner with experienced professionals who supported 3 of my projects, helping to increase their outputs and success