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Comprehensive IT expert database

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The latest industry knowledge

Technology is our passion, so we keep an eye on the newest insights in Fintech, E-commerce, and Edtech.

Cooperated with startups, SMEs, and corporations

We have experience cooperating with startups, SMEs and corporations

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We guarantee to set up your team within a month

Fluent English-speaking consultant team

All consultants speak English fluently

International projects on a daily basis

Our consultants work with international clients on a daily basis


We can work with you in a comfortable time zone

Scalability, flexibility, and cost savings – Cloud technology lets you achieve them without compromising business needs.

The benefits of Cloud computing

No matter if you want to use public cloud, build a community cloud, or an entirely private one, you will instantly see the same benefits. The cloud computing model’s advantages are independent of the types of cloud computing services or cloud providers.


Quickly scale your infrastructure to match your current needs. Stop worrying about computing resources, data storage space, or building data centers. Just invest in one of the clouds, ms azure, AWS, or GCP, and focus on building your business.


Skip investing in hardware with infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and serverless computing. The pay-as-you-go model lets you only spend money on the resources you need and use.

Increased collaboration

Break down geographic barriers with cloud environment. Increase the talent pool of specialists and hire from around the world. Access your data from any computer or mobile device regardless of operating systems.

Is Cloud technology for me?

Everybody seems to be talking about the cloud. It’s also symptomatic that all the major players decided to become cloud providers (Google cloud platform is called GCP, Amazon has its AWS, and there is also Microsoft Azure). Those are called public clouds, but there are also private clouds and hybrid solutions. Even if you feel your organization would benefit from migrating to the cloud, choosing the right solution may be challenging. Below we prepared a summary of different use cases.

The idea of the Cloud sounds appealing, but is this something for me?

I don’t know if my business is ready for cloud computing.

I’m worried about data security in the cloud.

I don’t know how fast my business is going to grow. I am worried about scaling the infrastructure.

I value privacy, but a private Cloud sounds like too much. Is it still a Cloud?

What does the Cloud computing services adoption process look like?

It doesn’t matter if you decide to use cloud services from one of the cloud service providers, build a private cloud or use hybrid solutions; the process of cloud adoption follows specific steps. It starts with audit and requirements analysis, followed by deployment or migration, and ends with the maintenance phase.


Requirements analysis

Before suggesting any cloud services, our team must thoroughly understand the problems to solve. The more we know about your challenges, the better solutions we can recommend.



At this point, our engineers do their magic. They configure cloud computing services considering what they’ve learned during an audit. They choose the cloud provider for the underlying cloud infrastructure or configure private or hybrid cloud environments.



Once the cloud computing solutions are prepared, it’s time for migration services. It’s a crucial process for maintaining business continuity and ensuring everything runs smoothly.



In the maintenance step, we gather information from real users and adjust the software accordingly.



After the development phase is ready, we offer our support. Our clients can choose a suitable SLA: 24/7, 8/5, or ASAP bug fixing.

Why work with us?

Versatile Experience

  • Collaborated with many companies across diffrent countries and industries
  • Experienced working with public sector organizations, startups, and corporations


  • EU and Nato memeber-based company
  • We share western culture, timezone, legal (tax) system, and approach to data protection

Developers with International Experience

  • All of our engineers are fluent in English.
  • Many years of experience working in an international environment

People First Approach

  • Put great effort into sharing knowledge
  • Making sure they feel happy and appreciated

One Consultant – One Project

  • Our engineers only work for one client at a time.
  • This means companies can be sure they have the engineer’s total dedication.


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