Plexus Technologies



Client location

Poland, Spain

Cooperation model

Team extension


Java Developers


Building 100 people IT center for a global Spanish bank and a world-wide known clothing company


Our client is a rapidly growing company that has opened a branch in Poland. Due to strong growth, they were looking for a partner to help them build their IT department. For the newly established branch in Poland, the client planned to expand the team by 100 IT specialists within the first year. 

Due to the nature of the cross-territory projects they handle, the recruitment requirements were exact and contained a large tech stack: mobile, web, backend, DevOps, analytics, and project management.

The challenge was to build such a large team in a short period of time.


We have set up a dedicated team to service Plexus Technologies, consisting of a team of recruiters and an account manager. Our team used advanced omnichannel research. This enabled us to quickly and efficiently send candidates tailored to the client’s requirements

The solution we proposed ensured smooth contact, a smooth process, ongoing appointment setting, and feedback.

We found specialists meeting the client’s specific requirements to join the Polish-Spanish project team. As expected, the form of cooperation included permanent recruitment. 


As a result, we were able to support our client in expanding the team. Further, long-term business cooperation concerns further projects and searches for new, specific positions and projects.

Thanks to an individualized approach to the process and the efficient implementation of tailor-made solutions, it was successful:

  • 15 CVs sent per month, 
  • 13 interviews per month,
  • monthly recruitment of 5 people.

At PGS Software (Xebia now) we are looking for IT partners with certain skills. Our requirements are tailored candidates to the tech stack, engagement, and number of CVs for each position, and smooth communication. We speak with NDS in the same language.

We have picked New Digital Street because of our huge experience in the finance sector. They quickly set up a team of 15 engineers for our new fintech client from Saudi Arabia. The end client achieved quick scaling possibilities and could move on with the project.

We were looking for a solution that adjusts the product offer for a specific customer based on purchasing intentions, and NDS provided us with a team of engineers who built such a mechanism.