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The benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The decision to outsource is not an easy one. Especially when talking about offshore outsourcing. That’s why we’ve prepared this handy summary of the ways hiring external providers can benefit your application development and positively influence overall business operations.

Unique know-how

As part of RPO, you get an entire recruitment process, built on our expertise and years of experience.

Quick scaling of your HR team

Your recruitment can be supported by qualified recruiters with experience in the technology industry – for a specific period of time or project.

Fast Time-to-Hire

Our researchers and recruiters are specialised in handling IT projects and finding the most specialised candidates

Control of the process

We work closely throughout the process, so you can be assured of compliance with your expectations at every stage.

We know a way to improve productivity, lower costs, and make your IT operations run smoothly.

Is RPO for me?

RPO is a perfect solution for companies that need to build an IT team, look for specialized experts, or don’t have the time and resources to lead the in-house recruitment. At New Digital Street, we have the experience to keep the recruitment process for our business partners, tailored to their needs and expectations. Over the years, we have perfected our know-how to guide you in building your IT teams.

You do not have an HR department or it is taking its first steps

Your HR department has no experience in IT recruitment

You are running multiple tech recruits at the same time 

You are looking or planning to look for a specialized programmer

What does the RPO process look like?


Discussing your project needs

Determining the requirements of the project and the specifics of the position. We agree on a specific number of CVs that you will receive.


Our team carries out direct search according to our proprietary know-how.


CV Review

You receive the CVs of specific candidates along with a recommendation, opinion, and extended commentary on their strengths and weaknesses.


Recruitment process

We arrange your meetings with selected candidates, provide your feedback, and lead the process. We also hold statutory meetings with our HR Business Partner.


Specialist selection + contract signin

Once you have selected the right specialist we help complete all the formalities.

Our experts

Bartłomiej Lewandowski

Managing Partner


+48 509 898 042

Our strengths

Comprehensive IT expert database

1000+ best specialists in full tech-stack

Your tech stack on demand

Technologies don’t limit us – tell us whom you are looking for.

The latest industry knowledge

Technology is our passion, so we keep an eye on the newest insights in Fintech, E-commerce, and Edtech.

Cooperated with startups, SMEs, and corporations

We have experience cooperating with startups, SMEs and corporations

Quick team kick-off (within a month)

We guarantee to set up your team within a month

Fluent English-speaking consultant team

All consultants speak English fluently

Specialised recruitment teams

Our recruiters have been building industry-specific IT teams at our clients in Europe for years


We can work with you in a comfortable time zone


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